Look Out Pt.2

Last year I published a post named “Look Out,” which summarized some of my feelings on our dear world at the time. Unfortunately, this post mirrors the sentiments of the first. I captured this picture via cell phone earlier in the month. The circumstances regarding how this blood met concrete are unclear, and I honestly rather not know. Its proximity, however, worries me; this stain exists less than a block away from where my family lives. Warmer weather always brings the threat of violence in the city, and this picture serves as an example of what us residents dread. My … Continue reading Look Out Pt.2

Look Out

It’s been nearly a year since my last post, and in that time I have managed to neglect both of my blogs. I have been taking pictures, however, (more with my phone, which was unexpected) and have found many a sightly image that arrested my attention. The image I uploaded below speaks a lot towards some things I have been feeling lately, especially related to what I see in the streets and on the news. I am unsure who’s work this (I don’t believe I saw a tag), so if you are the person who made it, please inform me … Continue reading Look Out