I’m currently in the process of learning Spanish (thanks to Google Translate, SpanishDict. and a very kind friend in Belmont), so I decided to title this post after a word I recently learned: hogar. I looked up the phrase “My home is your home” recently, something I often thought was said only as “Mi casa es su casa.” On SpanishDict, I found another way to say it: “Mi hogar es tu hogar.

All of this learning reminded me of a picture I took several days earlier in the week, while I was out with my mother. Seen below, this picture captures the old abandoned Central stop on the city’s Green Line, part of the city’s system of ‘L’ trains.

I uploaded this because of the fencing, which I noticed a few weeks before taking the photo. That old stop usually housed some of the homeless who live in the neighborhood, one of which was a woman I sometimes saw while going to the current Central L station. I haven’t seen her since last year, but hopefully she’s doing well.

Going back to this post’s title, I am grateful for what I have in my family and I honestly couldn’t make it without them. I don’t know what is to be without a home, but for those without one, hopefully they find shelter and a better life. And yes, I know there are many people in this situation who don’t want better, but there are several who do.


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