Look Out Pt.2

Last year I published a post named “Look Out,” which summarized some of my feelings on our dear world at the time. Unfortunately, this post mirrors the sentiments of the first.

Just another day in the neighborHood.

I captured this picture via cell phone earlier in the month. The circumstances regarding how this blood met concrete are unclear, and I honestly rather not know. Its proximity, however, worries me; this stain exists less than a block away from where my family lives.

Warmer weather always brings the threat of violence in the city, and this picture serves as an example of what us residents dread. My block in particular has seen some troubles over the past few months, which saw the death of someone I attended school with and the injuring of some family members from a shooting. At least in the latter case, minor injuries and not death occurred.

Everyday I see the aftermath of violence either on the news or in person. It concerns me. Worse, it numbs me too. I almost expect these instances, and when they occur, I don’t feel the disappoint about them I suppose I should. As many intelligent and kind people exist in the world, hopefully someone can figure out how we get past experiencing these tragedies so often. Yes, I know such a task is incredibly difficult and that I share much responsibility in solving the problems.

A solution can’t come soon enough.



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