The 2012 NATO Protests In Chicago

Here are some old photos I took of the NATO protests held in Chicago during May of 2012.

I shot this event with a buddy of mine and its scale was unlike anything I had ever photographed before. The number of people present at the rallies was staggering, and in my photographic immaturity, I often got caught in the crowd as opposed to capturing it.

The first set of photos were taken during the National Nurses Union’s rally held on May 18, while the second and third sets come from the protests held on May 20 and 21 respectively. The only day I failed to capture any demonstrations was on the 19th, the first day of the NATO summit.

I was largely neutral to the politics on hand at the demonstrations; I learned more about what I didn’t know as opposed to what I thought I knew.


National Nurses Union Rally


NATO Protest Gallery 1


NATO Protest Gallery 2



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